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November 2000

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Heapey No.6 - November 2000

My mate, Bill, was working so in view of the ropy weather I decided to stay local. Heapey No.6 is a lovely little water and does hold a few pike, having produced my best so far, at 18lb 12oz. No-one else was fishing, so I had the lodge to myself. However, it can be somewhat unproductive so I was dead chuffed to get a run after only about 10 minutes of casting in. A tiny jack of only about a pound had taken a liking to a legered smelt… View More

Rudyard Lake - November 2000

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time... Before today, the last time I fished Rudyard must be getting on for 15 or 20 years ago, I used to fish club matches and the occasional Saturday morning open match there. So it was at least interesting to go back after such a long time. My mate and I fished our usual stillwater tactic of legering deadbaits, without any success at all - nothing. A small comfort was that there were… View More

Heapey No.8 - November 2000

Those of you who know about these things will realise that the venue for this session is somewhat unusual! I'll explain - I have the pleasure of being a member of the committee of Wigan & District Angling Association. Heapey No.8 is the association's stock pond and fishing is normally strictly prohibited (even to committee members, contrary to popular opinion). However, the reservoir is due to be netted in a few weeks' time and… View More

Rydal Water - November 2000

Went piking in the Lake District with some of the lads from the FISHINGmagic mailing list. Weather was lousy - drizzle, heavy showers and a couple of hailstorms. Fishing wasn't a whole lot better - I managed one of the only two pike caught between some pretty good anglers, and as you can see, it was hardly a monster. Successful method was a legered smelt. I think the fishing was severely hampered by the cold rainwater bringing the lake level… View More