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January 2001

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Ulverston Canal - January 2001

Sometimes, you should just stay in bed. The idea was to fish Rydal Water, but, if you replace rain and floods with freezing conditions and ice, the story was pretty much the same as on 10th December 2000! Except that - I missed the junction for Kendal I was supposed to be leaving the M6 at. As a result, I had to take the road from the next junction up,… View More

River Ribble, Elston - January 2001

On my own this weekend, due to Bill having done himself a mischief at work during the week. Since it hadn't rained for several days, and because I fancied a change from pike fishing, the Ribble was the chosen venue. Everything looked promising when I got there, loads of anglers on the bank (so many it was a struggle finding a peg), the river looked spot on and the field where you park wasn't its usual quagmire! legered maggots… View More

Hollingworth Lake - January 2001

After an inconclusive look at another lake in the area, we headed for Hollingworth, where we had fished just before Christmas. We fished the other side of the lake this time, where the walk from the car park was nowhere near as much of an endurance test! The weather was milder than last time, with a cold wind and light rain. Trouble was, the fishing was no different. We fished from about 9am until 4pm, without any indication… View More