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February 2001

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Jumbles Reservoir - February 2001

Pike were the quarry this weekend, on Jumbles Reservoir, near Bolton. After an overnight sprinkling of snow, the reservoir looked just right for pike. An angler already on the bank had had a couple of jacks already, so all looked promising. This was false promise, however. Apart from one dropped run in the early afternoon, all was quiet. No further runs and no fish. Lovely day, with the sun quite warm and the scenery splendid,… View More

Fan Lodge, Bickershaw, Wigan - February 2001

Stayed near to home, but a change of style! Bill was back on the bank after a long layoff with a wonky wheel done at work, and he assured me that we had been getting bream exactly this time last year. So off we went to Fan Lodge, which produced a couple of 8 lb bream for Bill last year, and a good few in the 4 to 6 lb bracket. We both legered, with either a boilie on the straight lead or with a bunch of maggots on the method feeder.… View More

Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Wigan - February 2001

Much nearer to home this weekend! A new chum, Andy Hoyle, who contributes to another site I do, for Wigan & DAA, suggested a piking session on the canal around Wigan. We started off near the top of the long flight of locks down into Wigan, in one of the lock pounds, float legering sprats, sardines etc. I got a tentative offer almost straight away, but it took a couple of offers before I turned it into a fish on the bank. Just a… View More

River Severn, Severn Stoke - February 2001

Some mates suggested a session on the Middle Severn at Severn Stoke, which is a good way from sunny Lancashire, but the promise of some big barbel was irresistible. Birmingham AA now allow day tickets anglers on their waters at weekend (it used to be just weekdays) so this was the first time I'd ever fished so far down the mighty river. The Severn here is big and deep, and on this occasion was carrying a foot or so of extra water and… View More