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Heapey No.8 - November 2000

Those of you who know about these things will realise that the venue for this session is somewhat unusual! I'll explain - I have the pleasure of being a member of the committee of Wigan & District Angling Association. Heapey No.8 is the association's stock pond and fishing is normally strictly prohibited (even to committee members, contrary to popular opinion). However, the reservoir is due to be netted in a few weeks' time and… View More

Rudyard Lake - November 2000

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time... Before today, the last time I fished Rudyard must be getting on for 15 or 20 years ago, I used to fish club matches and the occasional Saturday morning open match there. So it was at least interesting to go back after such a long time. My mate and I fished our usual stillwater tactic of legering deadbaits, without any success at all - nothing. A small comfort was that there were… View More

Heapey No.6 - November 2000

My mate, Bill, was working so in view of the ropy weather I decided to stay local. Heapey No.6 is a lovely little water and does hold a few pike, having produced my best so far, at 18lb 12oz. No-one else was fishing, so I had the lodge to myself. However, it can be somewhat unproductive so I was dead chuffed to get a run after only about 10 minutes of casting in. A tiny jack of only about a pound had taken a liking to a legered smelt… View More

Heapey No.1 - December 2000

We were supposed to be fishing Birkacre but on arrival the water was a nasty, muddy colour due to all the rain we have been having, so a last minute change was required. Even though I have fished Heapey No.1 hundreds of times, not one of those sessions has been for pike. We had heard that there were odd ones in the water, so this seemed like an ideal opportunity to try out the theory. Well, so much for theories! Bill and I fished for… View More

Ulverston Canal - December 2000

This weather is seriously getting up my nose! I fancied a trip back to Rydal Water, where we fished a month ago. Sadly, the rain spoiled that, as the water was in even worse shape than then. After driving around the Lake District for a while, looking at Windermere, Coniston and even Esthwaite, I settled on the Ulverston Canal. Always having had a few pike in residence, this seemed like a safe bet for a bit of sport in the prevailing… View More

Jumbles Reservoir - December 2000

After last weekend's magical mystery tour of Lakeland, a more close-range outing was called for, so I headed for Jumbles, near Bolton. It has a decent head of pike and there is always chance of at least a double. Leaving home with the weather fine (for once), I was mildly surprised to hit thick fog, lying snow and icy roads part way across the moors towards the venue. The fog cleared somewhat as the road dropped down towards Jumbles and the… View More

Hollingworth Lake - December 2000

Christmas over, Bill and myself headed for a new venue to us, Hollingworth Lake, high in the Pennines to the east of Manchester. What a smashing water - good to look at and reputed to hold some good pike (and one or two other species, but they will have to wait until the weather warms up!). The only problem was that where we fished was miles from the car park. You get heavily wrapped up against the cold - it barely got above… View More

Cleveleys - December 2000

We very rarely go sea fishing these days, as there are hardly any fish left in the Irish Sea. However, given that most inland water was frozen, the sea seemed like a reasonable option. Five of us went, me & Bill as usual, plus my mate Duggy and two of his mates. We fished Cleveleys beach, just north of Blackpool, near the five-barred gate (a well-known local venue). Arriving about 9:30am, we fished until it went dark at 4pm, with… View More

Hollingworth Lake - January 2001

After an inconclusive look at another lake in the area, we headed for Hollingworth, where we had fished just before Christmas. We fished the other side of the lake this time, where the walk from the car park was nowhere near as much of an endurance test! The weather was milder than last time, with a cold wind and light rain. Trouble was, the fishing was no different. We fished from about 9am until 4pm, without any indication… View More

River Ribble, Elston - January 2001

On my own this weekend, due to Bill having done himself a mischief at work during the week. Since it hadn't rained for several days, and because I fancied a change from pike fishing, the Ribble was the chosen venue. Everything looked promising when I got there, loads of anglers on the bank (so many it was a struggle finding a peg), the river looked spot on and the field where you park wasn't its usual quagmire! legered maggots… View More