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Prime Minister Follows Parody Darth Vader On Twitter

I’m not sure if this is good, bad, cool, uncool or just plain weird. The official Twitter account of the British Prime Minister follows a spoof Darth Vader account! Well, I suppose Cameron is something of a parody of a Prime Minister anyway, so why… View More

From the Archives

I was clicking through some folders of old (very old, actually) stuff, and found and old website that I had at the beginning of the century. It was a blog in all but name, even though I referred to it at the time as my Angling Diary. The files I found ran from November 2000 to June 2001. I used to fish a lot around then! I thought it would be a bit of fun to reproduce it here, even with some of the tiny, horrible, pixelated photos,… View More

A 'Wow' & Two 'wtf?'s - My Day Using Google

I use Google a lot - most people probably do. Usually nothing worth even a raised eyebrow comes of it but today has been significantly different. The big G has thrown me a series of curveballs all day. First off, some background - this morning I bought tickets to watch Chic at the Apollo in Manchester next month. The resulting emails arrived in my Gmail inbox and were duly… View More