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Apache Basic Authentication Username in Raw Access Logs

Posted about 6 years ago (27 March 2012 5:40 pm) by David Preston

Here’s something that might be so blindingly obvious to everyone else in the world that I look like a jerk for talking about it, but I couldn't find the answer by searching Google, so I'm going to share it anyway.

We are developing a web project at work that I can’t talk about yet, but the boss wanted to email a link and login details (the site is protected by Apache’s Basic Authentication, you know, where a username and password box comes up before you can access a site or directory) to a potential partner. And we wanted to be able to check if they had used the information and visited the site.

Well, after much unsuccessful Googling, I noticed that the logged-in username is right there in the raw access log, just after the IP address of the visitor. So all I needed to do was create a new username/password pair just for them and we can see if they drop by.

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Keith Culley Memorial Match, Clattercote Reservoir, Oxfordshire - April 2001

Posted about 17 years ago (7 April 2001 8:00 pm) by David Preston

Keith died last year of cancer. He had been a very keen pole angler, so some of his friends decided to hold a pole match in his memory. It had been booked for months and for a few weeks recently, was in doubt, on account of Clattercote being closed due to foot & mouth precautions. However, it reopened on the very day we had booked the match!

We had high hopes of catching well, the fish having been left alone for a handful of weeks, but we should have known better.

Clattercote's an interesting place - all the pegs are on a wooden walkway around the reservoir. I suspect, however, that this might be a bit counter-productive when the fish aren't really in the mood, as the vibrations from people using this walkway may well drive the fish out into the centre of the reservoir. That certainly seemed to be the case, as only three people caught, and none of them caught on the pole.

It had been decided that, while the match was mainly a pole-only event, people who did not possess a pole would be ok to use rod & line, but only on the float. I personally never had a sniff in five hours, and that was the case for twenty-odd others too. We heard that British Waterways, who own the reservoir, had been feeding the fish during the closure. I think they had been overdoing it.

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Fir Tree Fishery, Appley Bridge, Wigan - April 2001

Posted about 17 years ago (1 April 2001 8:00 pm) by David Preston

Two sessions in two days! Back to Fir Tree, where I fished last Saturday. Lots of people fishing when I arrived at 2:30 pm, and it took until after 7 pm to start getting bites.

First fish was a first for me - a golden tench - only tiny, maybe 4 ounces, but a first nonetheless, and what a pretty little fish!

Just on the off chance, I had a look with two grains of sweetcorn, and the float buried almost immediately. Result was a nice regular-coloured tench of getting on for 4 lb, which gave a lively scrap, even on the crunching gear. A put in down the inside on the corn produced a missed bite, but that was it for the day.

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The Arena, Browning Cudmore, Whitmore, Staffs - March 2001

Posted about 17 years ago (31 March 2001 8:00 pm) by David Preston

Anglers under umbrellas, The Arena, CudmoreAnother new venue this week. Cudmore is a large complex of pools catering for match, pleasure and specialist anglers alike.

First impressions of the fishery were "bloomin' heck" - big place and full of anglers - the pool you pass on the way in looked like Bivvy City - long-stay carpers as far as the eye can see. And then large and packed car parks at the centre of the complex.

The trip was organised by members of Graham Marsden's Fishingline mailing list, and half a dozen of us fished.

We all piled into the on-site café for breakfast (pretty good value, for anyone thinking of fishing there), and a natter, then took the advice of the lad taking peg money and headed for The Arena. This is a large circular pool with a circular island, giving a circular canal about 30 yards wide. It seemed that the best bet was to get close to the island, so those who opted for waggler or leger caught better than those who stuck to the pole.

Main species to be caught were small barbel (controversial species in a pool, but these ones all looked healthy, fed well and pulled way over their weight), with a sprinkling of chub, carp, perch, rudd etc.

The Arena, CudmoreI fared worst of anyone, sticking stubbornly to the short crunching pole for most of the day, although a final tally of three barbel and a rudd late on blew a potential blank away. My mate Bill had a couple of dozen fish - mainly barbel, with an odd pastie and a couple of other bits on the tip. Dave Johnson caught steadily on the long-range waggler - mainly small chub from in the grass of the island. Tony Chown had a mixed bag on the tip but found many bites too quick to hit. Alan Roe had a mixed bag with mainly barbel, on the 'pin and made it look easy. Eddie Bibby stuck with the pole and was rewarded with a couple of nice pasties, the only skimmers of the day (I think) and something else but I can't remember what it was.

As ever, it was great to meet up with friends old and new, the fishing was all right if unspectacular and the weather was reasonably kind to us after early drizzle. Roll on Clattercote next week - we hope!

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Fir Tree Fishery, Appley Bridge, Wigan - March 2001

Posted about 17 years ago (24 March 2001 8:00 pm) by David Preston

A new water for me this week. Desperate to put a bend in my new margin pole (and to catch some fish!), a commercial fishery was the obvious answer. My mate John Weedon has been singing the praises of Fir Tree Fishery in the Angling Times lately so it was to there that I headed.

Now I realise that small commercial fisheries aren't everyone's cup of tea, but this one really is a little cracker. Two small pools, with islands, and a beautifully maintained site overall. One water is focussed on bigger fish, the other on quantity, so I naturally for the one with the lumps!

Double maggot finally broke my duck on the new pole, when a nice tench of about 2½ to 3lbs found itself (rather quickly) in the landing net. It was slow going, one small roach being eventually followed as the light started to fade by a small, fat as a football, carp of about 2 to 2½lbs. And then came the surprise - floodlights! It seems that you can fish on until 9 pm, no matter what time it goes dark!

Anyway, it was time for tea (and bloody cold), so I packed up anyway. Although none of today's fish really tested the pole, it looks as though it will be well capable of handling much bigger fish, and I look forward to finding out!

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